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A poetry by N.Terence Huxley

 “Under The Peaks,

Under the spell of his rhythmic body,

He and the silent mountains

Stood face to face

As pure living sensation

And lifeless matter;

Each finds in the other

A mysterious completion”.

                                             – N.Terence Huxley

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Find The Right Opportunity To Be A Leader

“Enthusiasm and energy will take you long way,” Said Paul,

“But go into the role with your eyes open. Load  the dice to increase your chances of success. Set crystal clear goals and get the right back-up. Get in, get the job done and get on to the next mission.”


Imagine You have been invited to lead a project. The first step is to  create right conditions for success. This rules applies whether you are starting a new team, taking over a business or facilitating a turnaround. Start by taking “Time Out” to reflect and gather information.

Here are some points to consider before accepting the position.

  •  Make sure you want to lead a team:

Take a step back for a moment. Ask your self obvious questions:   ‘Do I really want lead the team? ‘Perhaps this is an opportunity to do brilliant work, but make sure it is the right vehicle.

  • Find out the opportunity:

Choose a project that puts a spring in your step. What for you would be  the best vehicle? Would you prefer to work with a ‘start- up Team’’ or  ‘Turnaround Team’ or a ‘Maintenance Team’?

To find right leadership possibility consider the Three rules.

     1.  Choose the sponsor carefully:-

People work with kindred spirits. Whenever possible, work for somebody who is a vocational soul mate. Choose a sponsor with whom you have a values fit and who shares similar high professional standards.

2.       Choose the culture carefully:-

Choose an environment that is exciting and gives you energy.  Remember  also there are ‘cultures’ within a culture. Find a the niche where you can do fulfilling work that also benefits the employer.

3.       Choosing the right project :-

                Leaders must generate enthusiasm, so find a venture that gives you energy. Choose a challenge that you respect. Why? Mountaineers must respect the mountains; otherwise they become sloppy, which is dangerous.

Leaders must also respect the task. They are then likely to remain ‘alert’ and perform brilliantly.


  • Clarify the sponsor’s picture:

Look at the  world from the sponsor’s point of view. What challenge do they face? What results do they want? Research this in detail before meeting the potential employers.

Take an honest look ahead and tackle the exercise.  Good leaders do everything possible to create the right foundation for success.

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High Impact Leadership Events

Fire Walk

The power of our mind.

Leadership comes from within , a deep belief and value system needs to be evolved to bring out the leader in you or in your teams .
Outdoor and experiential Learning Based leadership events have a complexity of design and development of a system that enables the client to go through a series of physical and mental Challenges ,The fire walk for instance is a great activity that breaks the very thoughts that were a roadblock, the individual walks out a different and changed person on the other side of the fire.


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Post expedition Celebrations Mt Kilimanjaro

Glimpses of one of Iquest Adventures Post High Altitude Expedition Celebrations .
We believe that after a tough multiple days Expedition one deserves to celebrate and if it is done in a local manner that adds to the whole experience
some glimpses

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iQuest Adventure Learning Program at Ramnagar

“Adventure” Refers to doing or trying out something new for the first time. It can be any thing for that matter. For example riding a cycle or a bike could be a kind of adventure for the person experimenting on it.
Adventure Learning Program Is a kind of learning which is purely based on trial and error method. Here an individual learns things by experiencing it.
Ramnagar is a place which is a reserved forest for wild animals and birds. Within a boundary of this forest our trainings are conducted. No need to think for safety it has been taken care well in advance. In this one day ALP program I had Undergone five major Activities they are as follows,
1. Jumaring:-
The name Jumaring comes from one of the important equipment called “Jumar” used in it. The instrument Designed in such a way that, it could function only upwards. The activity goes in a belay system. i.e a equipped belier should support the person who is climbing the rope. The Participant must also equipped before climbing the rope. As he steps into the other jumar with the  lays, he should pull the first jumar upward followed by the second jumar.
This process will continue till he reaches the specified destination. After reaching the top he can descend with the help of belier and a instructor.
2. Rappelling:-
It is a inverse act of Jumaring. Here we descend from the top to the bottom of a object. The participants will be tied to two ropes which of those one will be in control by the instructor and the other one will be operated by the participant himself. He has to move backwards facing the instructor with legs widened. The person should be concentrated while doing this activity. He should do according to the instruction given to him. In case of any wrong move he should calm down for a while before making next step.
Since he will be tied to two ropes the chances of falling down is very low.
3. Zip-Line:-
It is that kind of activity where one has to sit and fly. Comparing with other two activities this one is quit easier one. Taking off is challenging over here. The person has to walk back till he takes off. After that nothing is expected from the participants to do. But they should not touch the line on which they are traveling at any cost. Since they will be going at a high speed  the metal used in the line will produce heat which will burn the skin. The instructor on the other end will unlock the rope from the harness then we can come down.
All the above mentioned activities are individual events. It will enhance our Self confident, courage and even helps to over come stage fears. All the activities are done taking care of risk factors. The equipments used and instructors are well qualified.
4. Group Activities:-
These group activities are under taken to enhance leadership quality, cooperation, coordination among a group of individuals. The leader of that particular group should cope up with others so as to complete the task. Here the victory depends upon each and every individual in the group. These activities are conducted with penalty. The challenge of the team is on over coming their mistake or failure as soon as possible and to complete the task.
The action and decision of the team leader plays an important roll in winning the task.
5. Trekking:-
We had two treks both at night and morning. The night trek is a thrilling journey into the forest. We had informed well in advance how the journey should be.  After the night trek we had dinner with fire camp.
The morning trek to mountain helped in; consumption of rich oxygen. A kind of learning to walks on mountain.  And not to give up until we reach the destination irrespective of hurdles in between.
Food and Shelter:-
The vegetarian food served was good at taste. Foods served three times a day with coffee and snacks at evening. We asked to have enough food and water so as retain energy for further activities.
Tents were put up for shelter. It was quit warm and safe to sleep at night.

Leave No Trace:-
LNT, is the Principle followed by many adventure and environment lovers. The principle states that we must not leave any trace of our visit to the place. In the sense we are not suppose to throw any of our waste things in that place.
As we are entering into the others habitat therefore we have the responsibility to not to harm or disturb any creature ,environment or the people residing there. Since it is told earlier that Ramnagar is a reserved forest, we also have to follow certain rules suggested.
If we follow all these our visiting will be full of fun along with learning.

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