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Karnataka. The adventurer’s abode

This article was published in the karnataka tourism magazine..


 Karnataka, with its   geografical diversity  is often called  the heaven for adventure lovers.

The region is blessed with vast evergreen forests of  the western ghats, beautiful rock formation, mighty rivers, welcoming hills, never ending streams, add to it cool temperate climate, and you have an ideal adventure hotspot.

People from around the world visit karnataka for  various adventure activities like rock climbing, trekking, hiking, cave exploration etc., as this is the only region in this part of the country that offers challenges of various grades. It does not matter if one as a beginner or an ace, the terrain satisfies all needs.

For rock climbing enthusiasts, the craggy rock formation at ramnagar popularly called the mecca for  rock climbers has some of the most beautiful multi-grade pitch climbing routes as well as bolted routes, offering challenges to get your adrenalin pumping. Ramngar situated amidst serene natural habitat also offers one a  beautiful green-walk, the monoliths of savanadurga beckons you with enough challenges, while the surrounding  greenery invites you to soak in and enjoy it.

The innumerable trekking trails  of karnataka  have mesmerized many  the dense forest of bandipur , the enchanting  terrain of chikmagalur, the breathtaking trails of yana,the hills and the waterfalls. To tip it all, the weather conditions are just perfect for one to set forth and conquer.

Cross-country bicycle and mobike expenditions have gradually attained popularly with good roads and serene settings.  The various routes through cities, towns, village, and the countryside, all make the experience more memorable.

Karnataka is a hotspot in the field of adventure tourism not only for the above reasons, but also for the fact that any tourist visiting Karnataka can tailor-make his itinerary with a desirable mix of adventure, along with visit to places of historic and culture interest, or with visit to spiritual or wildlife destinations.



Sunand Sampath